Building Materials' and Technologies' 8th International Exhibition in Batumi


Please be informed that the 8th International Building Materials and Technologies of Batumi "BATUMI BUILD 2018" will be held in Batumi "Euphoria" in Batumi on December 7-9, 2018

"GEONETEXPO" LTD invites you for participating at the exhibition, which will give the companies opportunities to acquaint their products toa wide range of consumers and the innovations of new technologies in the building and design field. They can also exchange business contactsand have opportunities to have bilateral meetings and have negotiations with the representatives of both to local and foreign companies.

Participant countries of the exhibition are from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and etc.


The exhibition is supported by the Government of Autonomous Republic of Ajara, the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Ajara,Batumi City Hall, Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Investors Association of Georgia, Ajara TV and TV 25(media support), News Papers: Caucasus Business week and Newspaper Ajara. Ol print.

Participant Registration











Who can present their activities


at „Batumi Build“

  • Movable property agencies and companies that create construction indices are: building materials, machinery, construction equipment, conditioning and cooling systems, architectural technologies, interior and exterior design, architecture and design, construction-installation companies, complex systems, construction machinery and mechanisms Constructions, building construction companies, heavy construction equipment, internal and external lighting systems.                             
  • Companies operating in the following fields include: Land drilling equipment, safety and security systems, engineering services, air conditioning and ventilation systems, marble, granite and ceramics, metals, wooden, plastic, tile, coating and paints, electrical equipment, environmental systems , Fire protection systems, plumbing, water and heat Aizolatsio systems.

Take a registration and participate in the 8th International Building of Building Materials and Technologies in Batumi "BATUMI BUILD 2018" Use the unique opportunity to make your business more vulnerable, meet potential partners from different countries and introduce your products to customers, buy new partners at the local market As well as Eqnis out. Participate in the exhibition, please download the registration form, fill out and send to the following email address:

Who can be interested in the 6th International Exhibition of Building Materials and Technologies?

Any person who has slightly or has a relationship with the construction industry will be in the future

System managers, architects / institutions / research, real estate developers, construction industry datreiderebi, energy suppliers, facility managers, cooperatives, industrial management, gagrilebisteknikosebi, air conditioning and ventilation, netvorkisteknologebi, planners, sistemebisteknikosebi chimney, heating and sanitation seller Fi, heating and air conditioning systems for craftsmen dateknikosebi, safety technicians, and administrative teknikurisamsakhurebi organozebisa sajarodatsesebulebebis and engineers.

1. GTC Group Georgia
2. Roohi stone Iran
3. Premium bond Iran
4. Global Trade links Iran
5. Ashkal Cement Turkey
6. Momtaz Royal Georgia
7. Batumi view Georgia
8. Ol print Georgia
9. Dom cofe
10. ECC Turkey
11. EPC Turkey
12. Mekart Turkey
13. Trabzon chamber of commerce and industry
14. Rize chamber of commerce and industry
15. Artvin chamber of commerce and industry
16. Giresun chamber of commerce and industry
17. Ordu chamber of commerce and industry
18. Samsun chamber of commerce and industry
19. Sinop chamber of commerce and industry
20. Erzrum chamber of commerce and industry
21. Erzican chamber of commerce and industry
22. Adjara chamber of commerce and industry
23. LTD Kordi Qutaisi
24. LTD Rekan Group Georgia
25. LTD Geo Hotronic
26. Galt group
27. Wiedview
28. United masters
29. Master tools
30. Isbank
31. Bist baspar spanada co iran
32. Momtaz royal
33. BSU
34. Elkon
35. Haidelbegi
36. Bauer
37. Ziraat bank

Stand Sizes:
Height: 2.22 m.
Letters: Height 22 sm.
Panel: Width 94.5 sm
Equipment: Walls, Carpet, Electricity, Table, Chairs, Company Name Writing, Internet, Cleaning.

Table and chairs:
6-9 sq.m 1 table with 2 chairs 12 sq.m 1 table with 3 chairs 15-18 sq. M 1 table with 4 chairs 21-27 sq.m 2 table with 6 chairs 30-38 sq.m 2 table with 8 chairs Please do not damage the stand, otherwise it will be fined! (The use of dual scopes, any kind of scopes, tacks or similar material for banner placed on the stand is allowed only by the Louvers.)

Layout (Floorplan)


Only space

$01 sq.m.

  • Contains space and its sorting                                 
  • Pavilion protection
  • Does not contain the inscription on the stand, table and 2 chairs, lighting

Full Space

$01 sq.m.

  • Contains space and sorting                                 
  • Pavilion protection
  • Inscription on the stand, table and 2 chairs, lighting


$01 Page

  • Ad placement in the catalog of exhibitors
  • contains A5 size page
  • free of charge