“the 12th international exhibition of tourism and hotel equipment and 2nd international exhibition of medical tourism”

„Expo Med/Expo Batumi Travel 2019”

We kindly inform you that, on 10-12 May of 2019 year, “the 12th international exhibition of tourism, hotel equipment and medical tourism” will be hosted by “ EXPO BATUMI TRAVEL/EXPO MED 2019” in Batumi. The organizer of three day exhibition is the international exhibition company ‘GEONET EXPO”. The exhibition has wide ranges, it becomes more attractive and fruitful from year to year. As local, as well foreign companies participate in the exhibition. The companies from those countries are participating in the exhibition: Georgia, The Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Germany, Belorussia, Holland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The supporters of the exhibition are: Government of Adjara, health and social defense Ministry of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, national administration of tourism of Georgia and tourism and resorts department of Adjara, Batumi city hall, the chamber of commerce and industry of Adjara, Batumi auto transport and international investors association of Georgia. Media supporter: “ ADJARA TV”, TV 25, newspaper “ADJARA”. The basic objective of our exhibitions are, establishing of medical innovations, development of tourism fields, arranging of conferences, seminars and informational tours in the country. It is also important, that the organizing of the exhibitions by the company is carried out at non-season time, which supports economic growth in our region. The basic objective of the company is to organize international exhibitions, holding the conferences and establishing new contacts in Georgian, particularly in Adjara. This again and again supports economic growth of the Caucasus and the country and popularization of local products.

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at „Expo Med/Expo Batumi Travel 2019”

  • Expo BATUMI Exhibition Company EXPO BATUMI TRAVEL/EXPOMED BATUMI 2019 is hosting the second international exhibition "Medical Tourism and Equipment" at Hotel "Sheraton" in Batumi. The organization invites both local and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition. Exhibitors will present modern medical technologies, medical institutions and schools, dental clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, hygienic and cosmetic care products, leading plastic surgery clinics and medical tourism companies. International Exhibition "EXPO BATUMI TRAVEL/EXPOMED BATUMI 2019" promotes improved health care in the region. Representatives of leading medical clinics of different countries will be invited. During the exhibition, presentations, presenting modern medical technologies, contracts for future cooperation will be arranged and bilateral meetings will be arranged. Companies from Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Poland, Belarus are participating in the exhibition. "EXPOMED BATUMI 2019" co-organizers are: Adjara A. Government, Adjara AR Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Batumi City Hall, Adjara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Investors Association of Georgia, Media Supporter - Adjara TV, TV 25 and Newspaper "Ajara"

Here you will find detailed information about business profile, if any area of ​​activity corresponds to the exhibition format. Click here to see which types of companies can participate.

To participate in the exhibition you must fill in the registration form and follow the instructions below. For further information please contact us at any time Step 1: Download the registration form Step 2: Fill in Form and Ask Signature Step 3: Submit the completed form via e-mail: info@expobatumi.ge or by email at the following address: Baku str. # 50, Batumi, Georgia.

If you are interested in this business and want to find business partners or simply want to enhance your imagination, you must come in. Attendance is free for visitors. We are waiting!

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Company List
2) KPI group
3) medical tourism
6) Medina
6) Repro arti
7) ATA
8) Respublikuri saavadmkofo
9) Referaluri saavadmkofo
10) Batumis sauniversiteto hospitali
11) Jandacvis saministro
12) Turizmis departamenti
13) Savachro palata
14) Tana
17) MEZGVAURTA samedicino centri
20) Owzan
21) Avicenna laboratories
22) Turkuas
23) Dom kofe
24) Turqeti
25) Turqeti
26) Turqeti
27) Turqeti
28) Turqeti
29) Germania
30) Ruseti
31) Avrasia university
32) Yeditepehospital
34) implanti

Stand Sizes:
Height: 2.22 m.
Letters: Height 22 sm.
Panel: Width 94.5 sm
Equipment: Walls, Carpet, Electricity, Table, Chairs, Company Name Writing, Internet, Cleaning.

Table and chairs:
6-9 sq.m 1 table with 2 chairs 12 sq.m 1 table with 3 chairs 15-18 sq. M 1 table with 4 chairs 21-27 sq.m 2 table with 6 chairs 30-38 sq.m 2 table with 8 chairs Please do not damage the stand, otherwise it will be fined! (The use of dual scopes, any kind of scopes, tacks or similar material for banner placed on the stand is allowed only by the Louvers.)

Layout (Floorplan)

On 13-15 April in Batumi Sheraton Hotel will host the 2nd International Scientific-Practical Conference "Medical and Recreational Tourism". Organizers of the conference are: International Exhibition Company EXPO BATUMI, Grigol Robakidze University, Georgian Medical Tourism Association.  Exhibition and sale of 2nd International Medical Tourism and Equipment will be held in Sheraton on April 13-15.


Only space

USD1251 sq.m. (Equal to GEL)

  • Contains space and its sorting                                 
  • Pavilion protection
  • Does not contain the inscription on the stand, table and 2 chairs, lighting

Full Space

USD1501 sq.m. (Equal to GEL)

  • Contains space and sorting                                 
  • Pavilion protection
  • Inscription on the stand, table and 2 chairs, lighting


USD1001 Page (Equal to GEL)

  • Ad placement in the catalog of exhibitors
  • contains A5 size page
  • free of charge